The switch from traditional shampoos to a more natural brand can be more of a challenge than one might expect. With your shampoos full of sulfates, parabens and fragrances, it’s a surprise you can feel refreshed. These products give a false sense of clean, with a satisfying “squeak” to hair, and conditioners that smell floral all day. Sadly, the ingredients in most shampoos disrupt your hormones which not only cause hormonal issues, and thyroid issues, but may also cause cancer.

When first testing natural shampoos you may be disappointed. Your hair won’t make that perfect squeak, it may seem dull. Maybe this shampoo isn’t for you? Not so fast! The standard shampoos are a chemical concoction that have caused you to have the illusion you have healthy hair. They coat the hair and make us believe it’s healthy, but without that chemical coating, your hair is dull and lifeless. It’s going to take some time for your hair to get that bounce back, it needs to rebalance. When it does come back, it will be stronger and healthier, and bouncier than ever.

There are a lot of natural shampoo brands to navigate through. To simplify, we’re only highlighting our favorite. Acure’s Repairing Shampoo (recently renamed Hydrating Shampoo). It has the key ingredients aragon oil, CoQ10 and pumpkin seed oil. It is very hydrating and nourishing, and works well for all hair types. 

As you adjust to having more natural hair, the lifestyle of your hair will change. You will find that your hair will become more oily over time. This is a good thing. The oils that your scalp produces nourish your hair. When the oil becomes an annoyance Acure’s Clarifying Shampoo really does the trick. We use the Clarifying shampoo after 2 or 3 uses of the Hydrating Shampoo.

Who doesn’t mind a little shave to rid unwanted hair after a good shampoo? Dr. Bronner’s makes a totally safe, vegan, organic shaving soap. It’s primary ingredient is sugar, and it will help you wash away the stubble. Dr. Bronner’s Shaving Soap works well for both men and women, and performs best when skin is not overly wet.

Get a little hairapy, and over time you’ll notice a big difference!

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